Victorian Budget 2018/19 - Veterans Portfolio

The Victorian Budget 2018/19 fosters support and respect for veterans with new funding for a range of targeted programs and initiatives.

Enhancing Victoria’s ex-service organisations and their facilities

Ex-Service Organisations (ESOs) play a significant role in ensuring the wellbeing of veterans and their families, through advocacy, social programs and welfare support. ESOs also have a long and proud role in the community life of Victorian communities and we want to make sure this continues. The Victorian Government is committing $2.4 million to upgrading and enhancing ESO facilities for broader community use and participation, which in turn will support their sustainability. In addition, we are committing over $1 million to provide training and support to ESOs to build their capacity and capability to continue their vital work.

Free public transport for veterans

In Victoria we know that commemoration is not only critical for the wellbeing of veterans, it is the best way to demonstrate the community’s gratitude for and recognition of their service. To ensure more people can participate in commemoration, the Victorian Government is extending current free travel arrangements on ANZAC Day to also apply to Remembrance Day and Vietnam Veterans Day. This applies to veterans, war widows, school students, Australian Defence Force (ADF) cadets, Scouts and Girl Guides. In addition, veterans will have access to free public transport during Veterans Health Week.

Jobs for veterans through the Veterans Employment Initiative

Here in Victoria we believe that the skills and experience gained in the ADF are second-to-none. However, many veterans lack private sector experience and requisite training to make them ‘site ready’. This initiative will address barriers to employment for veterans and facilitate the employment of veterans on some of Victoria’s biggest infrastructure projects.

Stamp duty exemption for ADF members

The Victorian Budget 2018/19 will also support ADF current serving members in a way that recognises the special nature of their job. ADF personnel don’t live at home while they serve abroad or live on base. The Budget includes a special exemption for service personnel from stamp duty concession criteria that requires applicants to live in their new home as their principal place of residence within a year of settlement for a continuous period of at least 12 months.

Getting things right for veterans

The Victorian Budget 2017/18 commits $200,000 to developing a business case for a joined-up Veterans’ Services Hub, to address issues including better access to and less duplication of services, as well as support the great work of ESOs. A further $200,000 is committed to evaluating the success of the Veterans’ Transitional Accommodation Project. We’re also funding an awareness campaign to highlight the positive attributes of veterans, and working to develop an up to date data snapshot of Victorian veterans so we can better target policy and services to meet their needs.

Funding announced in the Victorian Budget 2018/19 is in addition to ongoing funding which supports the Shrine of Remembrance, the Anzac Centenary, the War Heritage and History Strategy, veterans grants and more.

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Last updated on Thursday, 22 November 2018