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2017 - 18 Competition Now Open!

The Premier's Spirit of Anzac Prize provides 22 students with the opportunity to participate in an overseas study tour to sites where Australians have served in times of war and peacekeeping. In addition, 20 regional finalists will visit Canberra and be invited to attend the Premier's ANZAC Day Luncheon.

The Premier's Spirit of Anzac Prize is open to students in Years 9 and 10 currently enrolled in all Victorian Government, Catholic and Independent Schools.

Students need their parents' permission to enter the competition.

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Silhouette of students holding handsTo enter

Premier's Spirit of Anzac Prize Entry form (Word 102.29 KB)

Students are encouraged to complete the entry form and email their complete application to


Students are required to submit an entry that addresses 1 of the following topics:

Topic 1

'All war is a symptom of man's failure as a thinking animal' John Steinbeck

Topic 2

Students to select a conflict: WWI or WWII or the Vietnam War - What impact did WWI/WWII/Vietnam War have on Australian Society?

Topic 3

What does the 'Anzac spirit' mean today in a diverse and multicultural Australia?


Entries can be in 1 of the following formats:

  • Essay of 1000 words (word count does not include references or footnotes)
  • Poem or short story
  • Audio presentation (maximum 10 minutes)
  • Video presentation (maximum 10 minutes)
  • Musical composition – a song or instrumental
  • Digital presentation
  • Web page or PowerPoint
  • Artwork – painting, drawing, photograph or textile.

Students are encouraged to source material from interviews, experiences of friends or relatives, media sources and individual research conducted on-line and/or using non-electronic sources such as those found at local libraries, RSLs or historical societies. All sources must be acknowledged and the bibliography preferably annotated.

All applications must be submitted via email. Audio presentations, videos and musical compositions should be provided as an electronic file or uploaded to YouTube or a similar media sharing website and a URL provided.

If submitting an artwork, a photo of the artwork with a description of the size and materials used must be provided. Unfortunately we cannot accept the original artworks.

Entries that are not in essay format MUST be accompanied by a written statement of up to 500 words that answers the following questions:

  • How was the research conducted?
  • Why was this format chosen?
  • How does the format relate to the research and the topic?
  • What are the conclusions on the topic?

How to enter?

Complete the Premier's Spirit of Anzac Prize entry form (Word 102 KB). Teachers are encouraged to use the competition in the course of their teaching with resulting responses submitted as entries to this statewide competition. Entries can be submitted at any time up until the closing date on Tuesday 3 October 2017.

Teacher Chaperones

Those teachers wishing to apply for one of the two teacher chaperone positions on the 2017-2018 prize study tour (to be held in the first term holidays of 2018) will need to demonstrate a commitment to the prize by way of encouragement of students to enter. Entry forms are available on the teacher chaperone page

Assessment Criteria


Applications should be submitted via email to by 10am Tuesday 3 October 2017. Early lodgement is welcome at any time.

Please submit your enquiries via email to

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