War Heritage Collections Training Program

As part of the Veterans Heritage Project, the Victorian Government is pleased to invite ex-service organisations that hold collections of war heritage to express their interest in participating in the War Heritage Collections Training Program, commencing later in 2018.

The War Heritage Collections Training Program is open to organisations that collect and manage war heritage objects in Victoria, and will provide intensive museological support to select organisations, in order to:

  • produce a report identifying conservation, significance and exhibition priorities
  • provide the support of a conservation professional to stabilise, repair, and provide guidance on at-risk memorabilia identified in the report, and funding to purchase archival storage materials for significant items
  • provide advice on exhibiting objects
  • identify significant items of memorabilia and catalogue some or all onto Victorian Collections (digital cataloguing)
  • provide a $5,000 bursary to meet conservation, digitisation or archival needs of the collection

Aims of the program

  • to support the caretakers of significant collections in ensuring collections are preserved and continue to tell the story of Victoria’s experience of war
  • to increase accessibility to and awareness of significant war heritage in Victoria, through cataloguing, digitisation and exhibition

A limited number of collections will be selected for consideration under the program. There is an opportunity for organisations to partner with other similar organisations with collections (for example, 2 or more sub-branches with small collections), in order to receive support.

How to express your interest

Expressions of interest are now closed.

Complete the form below, including some descriptive details of your collection: estimated number of objects, types of objects held, previous support received related to the collection, how the collection is currently accessible to the public; how the collection is currently managed (volunteers, paid staff, and their experience, etc.).

NB: Helpful guidelines for considering your collection and its significance can be found in Significance 2.0. This is a useful document for all managers of collections in Australia to assist in understanding the concept of significance in relation to objects. Training in significance assessment forms part of the Program.

Please submit your expression of interest by Friday 6 July 2018.

Please send an email to war.heritage@dpc.vic.gov.au or call 03 9651 2033 with any questions.

Some eligibility requirements apply

  • your collection must hold a majority of objects which are significant to the story of Victoria’s experience in war – meaning they should have a link to Victoria, Victorian service or training, an eminent person, support on the home-front or men and women who served Australia
  • the organisation must commit to the continuing care of the collection following the training; and/or develop a collection policy to preserve the significant items in the collection
  • the organisation must commit to making its collection accessible to members of the public. This may mean physical or digital accessibility, through cataloguing or exhibition, depending on the organisation. Support for this aspect will be part of the Program
  • where the caretaker of the collection is part of a larger organisation, the organisation must commit to sharing information, knowledge and expertise from the training with like organisations
  • Priority will be given to at-risk collections that contain objects of significance and/or objects that are underrepresented in public collections

Last updated on Monday, 09 July 2018