War Heritage and History Strategy

The Victorian Government is developing a Veterans Heritage and History Strategy to benefit all Victorians, and the generations of Victorians to come.

The Veterans Heritage and History Strategy will support communities to recognise and protect our significant war heritage, so that it is valued for its historic and ongoing role in the social and civic development of Victoria.

What's the scope of the Strategy?

The Veterans Heritage and History Strategy will focus on historic heritage (memorials, buildings, collections) relating to overseas wars, conflicts, peacekeeping, and the home front, and intangible heritage (practices and traditions) of significance.

It will provide working definitions for war-related heritage and greater clarity for the community in accessing support and understanding the role of this heritage in our communities.

The Strategy will have 3 key themes:

1. Knowing what we have and what we do, what it means and why it's significant

2. Protecting our significant war-related heritage through identifying reforms, and providing access to knowledge and expertise in conservation

3. Supporting participation in the ongoing expression of traditions, making our heritage accessible to all Victorians

What is war heritage?

War heritage is diverse, and ranges from war memorials and honour boards to memorabilia and artefacts housed across Victoria in local museums, RSLs and private collections, right through to commemoration, acts of remembrance and the stories of veterans and those who have experienced war.

War heritage is significant to Victoria because:

  • Awareness of its context promotes greater understanding and closer connections between different generations
  • It has played an important role in developing community identity
  • It plays an important role in Victoria's tourism industry and
  • It records important parts of Victoria's history.

War heritage and participation in remembrance also encourages reflection on what sort of community we were, are now, and wish to be in the future.

You can track projects and opportunities taking place under the Strategy on Victoria Remembers Facebook page.


Veterans Branch has been supporting Victorians in identifying and caring for war heritage since its establishment. In 2007 the then Veterans Heritage Working Group guided a number of projects to improve our approach to war heritage in Victoria. These included the War-Related Heritage Survey; the development of the Victorian War Heritage Inventory; and the 100 Places for 100 Years heritage trails. Access our range of heritage resources and information on caring for War Heritage

Activities under the Strategy

Building on previous programs and efforts, a number of war heritage projects commenced in 2016-17 to support the themes of the Strategy.*

Commemoration Research Project

The Victorian Government commissioned Where to Research to conduct social research and consider what commemoration means to the Victorian community today.

  • What do Victorians value about commemoration?
  • Why do we attend commemorative services?
  • Which parts of commemoration are critical to making them meaningful?

A mix of in-person interviews at commemorative services, focus groups and interviews with key stakeholders including ex-service organisations were undertaken. The findings have been presented to key stakeholders, and the report is now available.

War Heritage Roadshow

A partnership between the Veterans Branch and the University of Melbourne, the two-day War Heritage Roadshow will travel across Victoria in 2017, giving Victorians the opportunity to received personalised advice on their own war heritage to better understand its context and how to care for and conserve it into the future. All war-related war heritage is welcome, from the battlefield to the homefront – excluding weapons and munitions. Day two of the Roadshow will give Victorians the opportunity to attend talks and demonstrations on how to clean, care for and protect different types of war heritage, from medals to uniforms to honour boards. Visit War Heritage Roadshow 2017 for dates and locations to book a free place.

The Veterans Heritage Project

The Veterans Heritage Project is a partnership between the Victorian Government and Museums Australia (Victoria) to improve the capacity of ex-service organisations, veterans and students to identify and protect war heritage. It comprises 3 programs – the War Heritage Collections Training Program, the Oral History Training Program and the Workplace Learning Program. Participating organisations and students were selected through an expression of interest program. Find out more about the Veterans Heritage Project

Victorian War Heritage Inventory

The Inventory will be redeveloped in 2017 to provide improved access to information on Victoria's War Heritage. To have your say on how the Inventory can be improved, or what you would like to see it include, join our consultation list: email war.heritage@dpc.vic.gov.au to express your interest. Find out more information about the Victorian War Heritage Inventory.

*More activities will be announced as the Strategy progresses.

Last updated on Tuesday, 13 February 2018