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If you're looking for your next career move, consider a job in the Victorian Public Sector (VPS). Visit the Victoria is Hiring website for Victorian Government hiring opportunities.

As a veteran, your skills and experience are highly valued by VPS employers, as will any formal qualifications you may have earned during your time in the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

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About the VPS
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Translating your experience to the VPS
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About the VPS

Veterans working in the VPS can:

  • Enjoy attractive salaries, generous leave, flexible work arrangements and training and development opportunities
  • Continue your ADF career in the Reserves, with extensive Defence Reserve Leave to enable you to continue serving with no loss of income
  • Enjoy a range of career opportunities across a number of disciplines

Chart showing high level structure of the Victorian Public Sector. Image description: a high level view of the structure of the Victorian Public Sector. Top level: Victorian Public Sector. Second level: Victorian Public Service and Victorian Public Entities. Under Victorian Public Service: Departments; and Administrative Offices and Victorian Public Sector Commission. Under Victorian Public Entities: Public Health Sector; Government Schools; TAFEs and other Educational entities; Police and Emergency services; Water and Land Management; and Arts, Finance, Transport and Other.

Find a VPS role

Victorian Government jobs are advertised on the Careers Victoria website.

Translating your experience to the VPS

Your time in the ADF gives you unique skills and capabilities, such as leadership, teamwork and resilience, that are highly valued by the VPS. You may need some help communicating these skills in the language used by potential employers.

The VPS uses a merit based recruitment process – finding the right skills, knowledge and abilities to do the job. When applying, consider how your unique ADF experience can help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Familiarise yourself with the VPS language
  • Learn more about VPS grades and typical functions of each grade
  • Find tips for applying, writing an application and preparing for an interview on the Careers Victoria website
  • Consider seeking help from professional services to prepare your CV and translate your skills into language VPS employers will understand. To find veteran specific support services for employment visit ENGAGE
  • Selection criteria describes the personal qualities, skills, abilities, knowledge and qualifications a person needs to perform the role effectively. The table below outlines how you might choose to respond to specific selection criteria

Key Selection Criteria

You can respond with

Written communication

Briefs for senior officers, written orders or assignments on courses

Project management

New equipment roll out, unit run courses or bigger level tasks

Stakeholder engagement

Liaising with other base users (APS, contractors, other services) or coordinating tasks across larger formations. Engaging with communities within Australia and overseas.

Planning & organising

From receipt of task to initial planning and issuing of orders as well as living the MAP. Exercise planning in barracks, on courses or serials in the field.

Influence & negotiation

Providing advice to superiors on potential courses of action, getting buy in from other stakeholders

of staff     

Career plans for team members attendance on courses or future postings. Performance reporting in Defence is similar to Performance Development Plan (PDP).

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Last updated on Tuesday, 03 April 2018