The Prize in the Classroom

Here are some examples of how schools have incorporated the Premier's Spirit of Anzac Prize into their school curriculum.

Westbourne Grammar School Profile

Craig Rodgers, Director, Year 9 Imagine Program

The Year 9 Imagine Program belief that teenagers have the capacity to contribute to the lives of others through a rigorous exploration of learning themes and passions. As well as the year-long Extended Project, some of which have documented family histories including stories of war, students study the integrated studies subject LEX, Learning Explorations, one topic of which is Truth.

Why use the Prize?

The History component of Truth focuses on perspectives of World War I. Students purposefully examine artefacts at the Shrine of Remembrance and Point Cook Air Base, critiquing photographs, transcripts and propaganda informing the conscription debate and researching family connections to war and its impacts. The Premier's Spirit of ANZAC Prize provides an authentic assessment activity which requires students to synthesise their learning about wars past and apply it to their place and responsibility in their family, community and contemporary Australia.

How do you use it?

All Year 9 students submit a response to the Premier's Spirit of ANZAC Prize prompt as a school assessment. The range of submissions is celebrated at assemblies, through performance and displays, and, are included as part of our Remembrance Day commemoration.

What are the outcomes? Do you use it?

In addition to appreciating the great gains and sacrifices made by those who served in the theatre of World War 1, students reflect upon the issues provoking war, technology and media of the time contrasted with the present, and the preciousness of a free world. The Prize enables a greater awareness of global issues and conversations at school and with family about personal and community values.

Fountain Gate Secondary College

Ms Belinda Irving (left), teacher, and Mrs Vicki Walters, Principal of Fountain Gate Secondary College, with student and 2014 Prize recipient Travis ReidBelinda Irving, Teacher and Community Links Co-ordinator

Why use the Prize?

At Fountain Gate, we have a very multicultural cohort of students, many of which are unaware of the significance of commemorating the ANZACS. Every year, we hold a ceremony which commemorates the service men and women both past and present. Through this ceremony we illustrate the importance of remembrance and build upon this through classroom teachings, specifically at the year nine level, incorporating it into the curriculum.

How do you use it?

The prize has become an assessment piece which helps students to build upon their knowledge and understanding of the topic. No restrictions are placed on what they can do in regards to the competition but they must meet the guidelines set out in the HTAV assessment guide provided. Entering the competition is not compulsory but completion of the task is, and is used as a common assessment task in High Achievers on their reports. The students are shown examples from previous entries and the school provides certificates for the top 3 entries, irrespective of how they do in the State competition.

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Last updated on Tuesday, 29 August 2017