All procurements within DPC are carried out according to the Victorian Government Purchasing Board policies and directives established under the Financial Management Act 1994.

In February 2013, the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB introduced a new policy framework. This framework is designed to support a more strategic and more efficient approach to procurement. It is underpinned by high standards of probity, accountability and flexibility with a strong focus on value for money, more interactive engagement with the market and productivity improvement.


The VGPB’s new procurement framework is supported by five policies. They are:

  • Governance: Governance structure embeds procurement across the organisation and ensures alignment with business planning. It encompasses greater focus on upfront strategic planning and transparency to provide consistency of market approach and better value-for-money procurement decisions.
  • Complexity and capability assessment: Procurement decisions based on an assessment of complexity and the capability of the entity to conduct the procurement. Procurement can only proceed when an organisation determines it has the necessary capability to meet the complexity of the procurement activity.
  • Market analysis and review: Market analysis determines the capacity of the market to supply and the opportunities for market-based solutions. A review of requirements and processes in response to market analysis determines the most appropriate path to market.
  • Market approach: Applying a structured, measured approach to informing, evaluating and negotiating with suppliers.
  • Contract management and contract disclosure: Contract management is escalated to a high-level consideration early in the planning process to arrive at an integrated end-to-end procurement framework.


In addition, the VGPB requires departments to ensure that all procurement activity meets the following directives:

  • Value for money: A balanced judgement of a range of financial and non-financial factors, taking into account the mix of quality, cost and resources; fitness for purpose; total cost of ownership; and risk.
  • Accountability: The Accountable Officer has the flexibility to conduct procurement activities using appropriate capability to provide value-for-money outcomes.
  • Probity: High standards of behaviour and actions in the conduct of procurement processes, including equity, confidentiality, avoiding conflicts of interest, and consumer/supplier confidence in the integrity of government procurement processes.
  • Scalability: The relationship between the complexity of a procurement project and the capability of the organisation to conduct it to achieve a good procurement outcome.

All procurement undertaken by the Department will be in line with the above. During the transition period, this may mean that procurements are done very differently by DTF than other Departments.

DPC Annual Procurement Plan


This forecast Procurement Activity Plan is prepared in accordance with the Victorian Government Purchasing Board’s Governance Policy.

Under this policy, Victorian Government departments are required to publish a high-level summary plan of their forecast procurement activities for at least the next 12 to 24 month period.

The focus on upfront strategic planning will provide a more consistent market approach and give suppliers visibility of upcoming procurement opportunities.

Departmental opportunities

The Forward Procurement Activity Plan 2018-19 is provided solely for informational purposes and should not be relied upon for any reason.

All planned procurements are subject to change at any time at the Department’s discretion.

All published estimated market release dates are indicative only and are subject to endorsement of a suitable procurement strategy.

This information does not represent a solicitation or invitation to supply, or a commitment by the Department to purchase the described goods and services. Procurements identified on this Plan are expected to have a value greater than $100,000.

This Procurement Activity Plan was last updated on 1 October 2018.

Procurement Complaints Management Process

DPC's Complaints management framework gives DPC suppliers surety that there is a mechanism in place to raise concerns about a particular procurement activity. Please refer to the following guide on how DPC receives and handles complaints made by suppliers.

WoVG Technology Procurement Team

The team has the responsibility to establish, operate and advise on effective WoVG ICT State Purchase Contracts (SPCs) categories on behalf of government in order to achieve value for money and innovative outcomes and deliver benefits through aggregation of demand.

The Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) sets the policies governing Victorian Procurement. The Special Minister of State has accountability for ICT SPCs.

The team is responsible for the ongoing management of both mandated and non-mandated State Purchase Contracts relating to hardware, IT infrastructure, telecommunications and software contracts. The team also administers the eServices Register.

A full list of SPCs can be found on the VGPB website.

Useful Links and Contacts

The following links will provide further information and guidance on how DPC will conduct the procurement of goods and services.

Victorian Government Procurement

For information and guidance on procurement across Victorian Government, including the changes resulting from procurement reform, and to access State Purchasing Contracts visit the Victorian Government Procurement website.

Tenders Victoria

  • Visit Tenders Victoria's website for the latest information on Victorian Government tenders.

Tenders Victoria Contracts Register

  • Visit Tenders Victoria for more information regarding upcoming contract activity across the State of Victoria.




Last updated on Monday, 08 October 2018