Guideline on maintaining data about Victorian entities and appointments

The Secretary of DPC has issued an Administrative Guideline (Guideline) directed to departments. The Guideline requires departments to enter data about entities and appointments into the Government Appointments and Public Entities Database (GAPED).

This policy takes effect from 2 January 2019.

What is GAPED?

GAPED is a Victorian Government database maintained by the VPSC. GAPED is used to manage, keep track of and report on government entities and appointments. Some of this information is available on the Public Board Appointments Victoria website.

What are departments required to do?

Departments must ensure information about their entities and appointments in GAPED is accurate. Departments must update their information within a month of a significant change occurring.

The Guideline explains what information departments need to include in GAPED.

If a department is not following the Guideline, its Secretary must explain why in writing to the Secretary of DPC.

Last updated on Friday, 21 December 2018