This section contains the following governance related resources:

Audit and Risk Management Committee Charter

The Charter of the Department of Premier and Cabinet's Audit and Risk Management Committee sets out the role, responsibilities, authority, composition, structure and membership requirements of the Committee.

Guidelines for Submissions and Responses to Inquiries

These Guidelines are designed to help staff who are considering preparing a submission or response to inquiries.

Guidelines for Appearing before Commonwealth Parliamentary Committees

The Guidelines for Appearing before Commonwealth Parlimentary Committess are designed to assist officials appearing before Commonwealth or inter-jurisdictional Parliamentary Committees and Royal Commissions by informing them of the principles they are required to follow.

Guidelines for appearing before and producing documents to Victorian inquiries

The Guidelines provide guidance to officials when they are required to appear before or produce documents to Victorian Parliamentary Committees, Royal Commissions or Boards of Inquiry.

Appointment and Remuneration Guidelines

These Guidelines outline the standard processes and principles for appointing and remunerating board members of, and other appointments to, non-departmental entities in Victoria. These Guidelines apply to full-time and part-time appointments and to unpaid appointments.

Premier's Circular No.2015/02 Good Board Governance

This Circular outlines the minimum standards of good governance that Victorian Government Boards are expected to meet.

Independent Review of Victorian MPs' Salary Entitlements, Allowances and Other Arrangements

This report provides recommendations and guiding principles in relation to salary entitlements, allowances and other arrangements supporting Victorian Members of Parliament (MPs).

Code of Conduct for Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries

The Cabinet Handbook

The Cabinet Handbook is a resource for all Ministers, ministerial staff and public officials involved in the development and progression of Cabinet business, outlining the principles, conventions and processes of Cabinet government in Victoria.






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