Freedom of Information Regulations 2019

The Department of Premier and Cabinet has prepared a Regulatory Impact Statement in relation to the proposed Freedom of Information Regulations 2019.

The proposed Regulations, to be made under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the Act), prescribe a number of bodies as being subject to the Act. These bodies are broadly categorised as boards, committees and panels; denominational hospitals; TAFE Institutes; and other organisations. The proposed Regulations also exempt three statutory office holders from the Act (the Solicitor-General, the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Public Advocate).

The objectives of the Freedom of Information Regulations 2019, are to:

(a) ensure that public bodies will be subject to appropriate levels of public openness and accountability;

(b) that there is a well-understood mechanism for people to seek access to, and amendment of, personal information held by public bodies;

(c) provide people with sufficient information to enable them to scrutinise government policies and decisions; and

(d) ensure that the provision of information does not risk compromising the integrity, confidentiality and independence of the role of certain statutory office holders.

The Regulatory Impact Statement examines the costs and benefits of the proposed Regulations and possible alternatives, and concludes that the proposed Regulations are the most efficient method of achieving the objectives.

Public comments are invited on the Regulatory Impact Statement and the proposed Regulations. All comments must be in writing and should be marked 'Freedom of Information Regulations'.

Comments must be received no later than 5pm on Friday 15 March 2019 via Engage Victoria or by mail to:

Department of Premier and Cabinet
Level 2, 1 Treasury Place
East Melbourne Victoria 3002

All comments and submissions will be treated as public documents, unless the person making the comment or submission requests that it not be publicly available.

Last updated on Thursday, 07 February 2019