Victorian Government Advertising Report 2012-13


This report provides an overview of Victorian Government advertising for the period 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013.

The Victorian Government has an obligation to inform Victorians about services, legislation and public policy which may affect them. For example, in 2012/13, Government information and education campaigns have been developed to improve driver safety and reduce road fatalities, to help people prepare in case of emergencies such as bush fires, and to build the economy by promoting Victoria as a tourist destination.

Government also has a responsibility to be open and accountable, ensuring fairness and appropriateness in all of its communication with Victorians. The publication of this report extends the Victorian Government's commitment to promoting transparency and accountability in relation to advertising expenditure.

This section provides information about media expenditure through the whole of Victorian Government Master Agency Media Service (MAMS) contract.

The campaign advertising report provides, for the first time, information about advertising campaigns with media expenditure of $150,000 or more that were completed in the 2012–13 year. In 2012, the Government committed to publishing the total cost of all advertising campaigns with media expenditure of $150,000 or more. This is consistent with a finding of the Public Accounts and Expenditure Committee (2008) and practices in other jurisdictions. Information about expenditure on major advertising campaigns is also available in the annual reports of government departments and public bodies from 2012–13.

Media Expenditure

Victorian Government departments and public bodies are obliged to purchase media through the Master Agency Media Service (MAMS) State Purchase Contracts (SPC). MAMS aggregates Victorian Government media expenditure improving value for money through savings, discounts, benefits and strategic service efficiencies.

Approximately 480 organisations are eligible to use the MAMS contracts and qualify for significantly discounted government media rates. In 2012–13, MAMS users included:

  1. all nine Victorian Government departments; and
  2. public bodies (which include but are not limited to statutory authorities, public entities, special bodies and other users) such as: Transport Accident Commission, Tourism Victoria, WorkSafe Victoria, Ambulance Victoria, TAFE institutes, Cancer Council Victoria, VicRoads, public hospitals, public schools and the Victorian Electoral Commission.

Government media advertising includes three distinct categories.

Campaign advertising is designed to inform, educate, motivate or change behaviour. It requires strategic planning of creative and media services to achieve set objectives.

Functional advertising is specifically for public information. Examples include public notices, notifications of public meetings, requests for tender, enrolment notices, statutory or regulatory notices, and emergency or safety announcements.

Recruitment advertising is the promotion of a specific job vacancy. Large scale industry recruitment is considered 'campaign' advertising

Victorian Government Media Expenditure 2012–13

A total of $98.4 million was spent on media placements from 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013.

Government Media Expenditure - Historical Comparison

Government Media Expenditure - Historical Comparison

Media Expenditure by Category 2012 - 13

Media Expenditure by Category 2012 - 13

Top 10 Advertisers by Campaign Media Expenditure 2012 - 13


Campaign Examples                                       

Total Media Expenditure                   

Transport Accident Commission                                                       

AFL Sponsorship / Talk the Toll Down / 
Distractions / Enforcement

$20.9 million


Young Workers / Muscular Skeletal 

Disorders / Valuing Safety / Work Health

$9.7 million

Department of Justice

Bushfire Awareness / Speed Cameras / 
Play it Safe by the Water

$7.4 million

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

The Real You / Easy to Bet / Significant


$5.5 million

Public Transport Victoria

Auto Top Up / Fare Evasion / Myki

$4.6 million

Cancer Council Victoria

Quit / Sunsmart / Papscreen

$4.4 million

Tourism Victoria

Melbourne / Events / Melbourne Winter

$4.3 million

Victoria Police

Protective Service Officers Recruitment

$2.0 million

Department of Primary Industries

Switch On

$1.9 million

The Arts Centre

Hamer Hall / Summer Season / Theatre

$1.9 million

Note: Media expenditure figures exclude GST, production and other fees. Figures presented in Part 1 of this report may differ from those in Part 2 of this report or annual reports, which may include GST, production and other fees. 

Functional and Recruitment Media Expenditure 2012 - 13

Functional media expenditure
The highest spenders on functional advertising for 2012–13 included the Victorian Electoral Commission, the Department of Transport, and VicRoads.

Recruitment media expenditure
The highest spenders on recruitment advertising included health providers (hospitals), Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and Department of Human Services.

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