Victorian Government Advertising Expenditure 2011-12 (HTML)


The intent of this report is to provide an overview of government advertising expenditure for the period 1 July 2011 to 30 June 2012. Through this report the Government extends its commitment to promoting transparency and accountability in relation to advertising expenditure.

Government has an obligation to inform Victorians about services, legislation and public policy which may directly impact and affect them as individuals and as a community, for example being prepared for emergencies. Government also has a responsibility to be open and accountable, ensuring fairness and appropriateness in all of its communication with Victorians.


The Master Agency Media Services (MAMS) State Purchase Contracts (SPC) aggregate media spend for the Victorian Government in order to achieve value for money through savings, discounts, benefits and strategic service efficiencies.

All government advertising is purchased through the MAMS contracts. The figures quoted in this report are for media advertising expenditure only.


There are approximately 480 MAMS users that access the contracts to qualify for significantly discounted government media rates. In 2011–12, MAMS users included:

  1. 1. all 11 Victorian Government departments; and
  2. 2. public bodies (which include but are not limited to statutory authorities, public entities, special bodies and other users) such as: Transport Accident Commission, Tourism Victoria, WorkSafe Victoria, Places Victoria, Ambulance Victoria, TAFE institutes, Cancer Council Victoria, VicRoads, public hospitals, public schools and the Victorian Electoral Commission.


Government advertising includes three distinct categories.

  • Campaign advertising involves paid media placement and is designed to inform, educate, motivate or change behaviour.

  • Functional advertising is specifically for tenders and public notices (including calls for submissions, legal notices, road closures and notifications of public meetings).

  • Recruitment advertising is for the promotion of a specific job vacancy. Large scale industry recruitment is considered 'campaign' advertising.



Total advertising expenditure from 1 July 2011 to 30 June 2012 was $103,112,859. This includes actual expenditure of $91,612,859 and $11,500,000 carried into 2012–13.1

Expenditure breakdown 2011-12

Advertising by category 2011 - 2012


The highest spenders on functional advertising for 2011–12 include VicRoads, Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE and the Victorian Electoral Commission.


The highest spenders on recruitment advertising include health providers (hospitals), Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and Department of Human Services.


Campaign Advertising Media Expenditure

Campaign advertising media expenditure

Campaign spend analysis

  • The highest spenders on campaign advertising activity are public bodies.

  • Expenditure by Government departments has fallen by 42.3% compared with the previous year.

Top 5 Campaign advertisers by media expenditure

Top 5 Campaign advertisers by media expenditure

Top 5 Campaigns by media expenditure

Top 5 campaigns by media expenditure




Whole of Victorian Government: Summer Fire Campaign 2011–12


The objective of the information campaign was to encourage Victorians to be prepared for the bushfire season and to provide practical information about surviving in an emergency. An evaluation of the campaign found that the campaign achieved significant behaviour change among Victorians, with the 'get out early' message cutting through. During the reporting period, $6,268,000 was spent on media advertising.

Department of Justice: Victorian Responsible Gambling

Problem gambling is an important public health issue that adversely impacts the social, physical and mental health of the individual, their family and the community. Advertising campaigns play an important role in reinforcing help seeking behaviour and increasing the uptake of help services. Responsible gambling messaging is also utilised to build community resilience to problem gambling. During the reporting period, $5,569,387 was spent on media advertising.

Cancer Council Victoria: Quit

The primary communications objective of Quit Victoria's social marketing activities is to continue to educate smokers about the devastating health and social consequences of their habit, whilst at the same time providing them with the encouragement they need to believe they can quit. As a result, the objective is to encourage quit attempts and move smokers from a position of contemplating quitting, to a planning or action stage of quitting. During the reporting period, $4,202,440 was spent on media advertising.

Tourism Victoria: Melbourne

In 2011-12, Tourism Victoria launched the tenth phase of the Jigsaw campaign, Play Melbourne, to key interstate markets and New Zealand. The campaign aimed to build Melbourne's attractiveness to interstate travellers, increase visitation, and increase employment in Victoria. The 'Play Melbourne' campaign has been successful in building a preference for Melbourne as a leisure destination. During the reporting period, $4,023,482 was spent on media advertising.

Transport Accident Commission: AFL Partnership

The TAC delivers road safety and public education campaigns that are designed to meet obligations in the Transport Accident Act 1986. Through sponsorship of the AFL's range of media channels, the TAC is able to reach a wide audience of Victorians with various road safety messages. Integration of sports sponsorship and advertising is an effective way to communicate to the Victorian community. During the reporting period, $3,512,272 was spent on media advertising.


Government Advertising Expenditure - Historical Comparison

Government Advertising Expenditure - Historical comparison


1. Expenditure figures for 2011–12 include actual expenditure and a carryover of $11.5 million. The Victorian Government implemented new procedures for government advertising in 2011–12 to ensure that all major advertising campaigns were approved prior to expenditure occurring. The $11.5 million carryover is not included in the expenditure breakdowns in this report.

2. In the reporting period, two suppliers delivered services for the MAMS contract: Mitchell & Partners (campaign and functional advertising) and ZenithOptimedia (recruitment advertising).


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