Small Business, Innovation and Trade Minister - Secretary's report

On 21 May 2015, a Ministerial adviser to the Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, Minister Somyurek, made a formal complaint to the Office of the Premier about alleged misconduct by the Minister. The complaint alleged inappropriate and threatening behaviour. The Premier referred the allegations to the Secretary of the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Mr Chris Eccles, for investigation and advice.

The Secretary delivered a report on his investigation to the Premier, a redacted version of which is now available to the public. The Secretary's report includes, as attachments, reports to the Secretary by Mr Peter Allen and Judge Michael Strong.

A letter of advice from the Victorian Government Solicitor regarding the redaction of the Secretary's report, and a letter from the lawyers for one of the complainants responding to matters contained in the report by Mr Peter Allen, are also being published.

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Last updated on Tuesday, 28 July 2015