Disability Action Plan

Disability Action Plan

The Department of Premier and Cabinet is committed to creating and maintaining an accessible and inclusive environment for all people with a disability who come into contact with the department, whether as employees, stakeholders or members of the public more generally.

The Department of Premier and Cabinet Disability Action Plan 2017-2020 facilitates the equitable participation of and high quality outcomes for people with a disability by ensuring that our policies, programs and services are accessible and responsive to their needs.

We are working towards a workforce that better reflects the diversity of the Victorian community it serves.

DPC is committed to the four key focus areas of the plan:

  1. Inclusive Employment Practices - to strengthen career opportunities for people with disability

  2. Accessibility - physical and digital environment that provides an exemplar and inclusive employee experience

  3. Workplace Culture - a disability inclusive and equitable workplace which values fairness and respect

  4. Leadership, Measurement and Accountability - disability initiatives championed by senior leaders and comprehensive workforce data used to inform progress and accelerate change

We will monitor our progress against the Action Plan and continue to identify ways of ensuring our commitment to create a supportive and inclusive environment for all Victorians. 

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Last updated on Tuesday, 19 December 2017