Victorian Government Sponsorship Policy: Principles (Ensuring Accountability)


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Principles: Ensuring Probity
Principles: Achieving Efficiency and Effectiveness
Principles: Ensuring Accountability
Principles: Implementing Effective Risk Management

Ensuring Accountability

Appropriate Authorisation

Victorian Government agencies must implement procedures which ensure appropriate authorisation of sponsorship arrangements, and uphold the principles specified in this policy.

Agency sponsorship procedures established in pursuance with this policy should be endorsed by the agency's Secretary/CEO.

Agency procedures should ensure that sponsorship agreements are appropriately authorised. The value of the sponsorship and the level of risk entailed should be key determinants of the level of authorisation required, whether executive, senior executive or Ministerial level. Sponsorship approvers must hold financial delegations at least equal to those applying to procurement decisions of the same value.

Payments made in respect of a sponsorship should be appropriately authorised and monitored.

Effective Reporting

Victorian Government agencies will apply effective management and reporting processes to ensure sponsorships achieve maximum value and accountability.

Sponsorships provided by a Government agency as part of a reputation management strategy or to achieve communications objectives, must be reported to the Strategic Communication and Protocol Branch. When valuing benefits for reporting purposes, in-kind benefits should be priced at their market rate.

Agencies providing or seeking sponsorship must ensure sponsorship proposals, whether internally or externally-generated, are documented in sufficient detail to enable a full analysis of risks, costs and benefits to be undertaken. This includes specifying the nature, quantity and value of 'in-kind' benefits provided or received, and identifying full costs to government, inclusive of GST.

Agencies providing or seeking sponsorship must document all sponsorship arrangements in writing. Agency sponsorship procedures should specify the circumstances under which formal contracts will be entered into, and those where an exchange of letters is deemed sufficient.

Agencies should report sponsorships in Budget Papers, Annual Reports or in publicly available performance reports.

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