Victorian Government Sponsorship Policy: Introduction, Application and Definitions


Introduction, Application and Definitions
Relevant Legislation and Policies
Principles: Ensuring Probity
Principles: Achieving Efficiency and Effectiveness
Principles: Ensuring Accountability
Principles: Implementing Effective Risk Management

Victorian Government Sponsorship Policy


This Policy outlines principles to be followed by Victorian public entities when seeking, providing or receiving sponsorship.

The overarching principles of sponsorship management in the Victorian Government are:

  1. 1. Ensuring probity
  2. 2. Achieving efficiency and effectiveness
  3. 3. Maintaining accountability
  4. 4. Implementing effective risk management

These principles should be seen as mutually reinforcing.


The Principles identified in this Policy apply to Victorian public sector bodies as defined in the Public Administration Act 2004 (henceforth referred to as ‘agencies’).

All agencies are required to develop their own agency-specific sponsorship procedures based on, and consistent with these Principles. In developing their procedures, agencies should seek advice from Strategic Communication, Engagement and Protocol Branch, Department of Premier and Cabinet, as required.


Under this Policy 'Sponsorship' is defined as:

  • The purchase of rights or benefits, including naming rights, delivered through association with the sponsored organisation's name, products, services or activities. The rights or benefits typically relate to the sponsor's reputation management or communication objectives.

Sponsorship includes partnership arrangements, except where the arrangement is governed by the Partnerships Victoria Requirements or otherwise involves the development or management of infrastructure.

Sponsorship does not include grants, which are money, goods or other benefits provided to the recipient for a specified purpose, but with no expectations of attaining rights and benefits of the kind outlined above.

Sponsorship does not include bequests which impose no obligations on the recipient and offer little or no rights or benefits to the provider.

Sponsorship does not include the sale of advertising space, editorial comment, or advertorials.


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