Multicultural Communication Policy


  • Departments and agencies are required to ensure that ethnic communities are informed of government services and programs
  • Departments and agencies are required to commit a minimum of five per cent of their net total campaign media expenditure to multicultural media.
  • Departments and agencies must submit a written report on Communications and Consultation as part of the common reporting areas for the Whole of Government Multicultural Reporting Framework that outlines the strategies used to communicate to ethnic audiences

Reporting arrangements

The Strategic Communications and Protocol Branch (SCPB) will monitor advertising expenditure in ethnic media via the Master Agency Media Service (MAMS) and will provide the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship (OMAC) with a quarterly, cumulative report on the percentage of departmental advertising expenditure in the ethnic media, no later than two months after the end of the quarter. OMAC and SCPB will report on these figures after each financial year.

Departments and agencies must submit an annual report at a date to be determined by OMAC outlining all campaign and non-campaign ethnic advertising and promotional activities. Should the department's campaign expenditure in the ethnic media fall under the five percent requirement; the department will also need to provide adequate and acceptable reasons for the shortfall.

SCPB and OMAC will consolidate and evaluate information collected from departments and provide them with feedback.

Quality Support Provision

OMAC will:

  • undertake an annual statistical report on migration and other developments relating to Victoria's ethnic make-up.
  • ensure departmental communications tenders include consideration of the multicultural component.

SCPB will:

  • undertake an Ethnic Media Audit. This will be used to develop media industry standards that will be collated into an Ethnic Media Kit.
  • establish a site on the government intranet which includes a complete overview of ethnic media outlets, costs, audience profiles, ratings, contact points, events/seminars, findings from research studies, case studies/best practices and knowledge of specialist ethnic media booking agencies. This site could assist departments in providing government information to ethnic communities. This information may be extended to the private sector via the Victorian Government internet site.
  • conduct seminars/conferences to highlight the importance and the best use of ethnic media.
  • encourage private sector advertising agencies and other public relations organisations employed by government to participate as active partners in understanding and accessing the ethnic communities and their media.

Further information

Please contact your Senior Communication Officer in the first instance.

Strategic Communication and Protocol Branch
Department of Premier and Cabinet


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Last updated on Tuesday, 24 October 2017