Communication Policies and Guidelines

Communication policies and guidelines exist to ensure that the highest standards of fairness, equity, probity and public responsibility are front of mind when planning any type of government communication. They will help you achieve the most effective result possible. This is why it is so important for all Government departments, bodies and entities to comply with the relevant policies/guidelines and processes that relate to your particular advertising campaign or communication activity.

Government communication needs to be effective, coordinated, well managed and most importantly, responsive to the needs of the Victorian community.

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Multicultural Communication Policy

For effective communication with people from cultural and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds about government services and programs,sensitivities to multicultural needs and issues must be taken into account.

Regional Communication Policy

It is important to ensure that people who live rural and regional Victoria are considered when planning Government communication programs or advertising campaigns. The Regional Communication Policy ensures that Victorian communities are not disadvantaged or excluded due to their location.

Sponsorship Policy

Sponsorships received or provided by the Victorian Government must be registered, evaluated and publically reported.



Capital Works Signage Guidelines

Capital Works Signage is not required for projects under $250,000.

If a sign is erected to acknowledge government's contribution to a project under $250,000, the Capital Works Signage guidelines do not need to be followed.

However, any use of Victorian Government branding should comply with the Branding Guidelines

There are two types of signs - Pedestrian Capital Works Signs and Construction Site Capital Work Signs.

Download the Adobe Illustrator templates for the

Victorian Government Insignia Guidelines

There are strict guidelines and requirements for the use of the Victorian Coat of Arms and the State Badge of Victoria. The guidelines provide information on the appropriate use, placement and design specifications of this Victorian Government branding device. Read more about the Victorian Coat of Arms.

Accessible Communications Guidelines

The Accessible Communications Guidelines (ACG) applies to external government communication and sets out what the requirements are for making government communication more accessible and non-discriminatory towards people with a disability.

Branding Guidelines

All Government communication should carry the appropriate Victorian Government branding. Visit the Brand Victoria page for more information on the specifications and guidelines of use.

Authorisation Tag Guidelines

The following guidelines are currently under review. However, in the interim, all Victorian Government campaign advertising should continue to follow these guidelines.

The guidelines provide detailed instructions for placing an authorisation tag dependant on the specific advertising medium.

Victorian Government Gender Portrayal Guidelines

The Gender Portrayal Guidelines have been developed to ensure that the overall impression of any government communication does not violate the spirit of gender equality, or stereotype women or men to portray behaviour which is not acceptable today.


Last updated on Monday, 05 November 2018