Communication Planning and Master Agency Media Services

The Victorian Government undertakes advertising to inform the community about government programs and services, promote safe and healthy behaviour, make Victorians aware of their rights and obligations and encourage development and investment in Victoria.

The main categories for advertising – campaign advertising and non-campaign advertising – are described below.

Campaign advertising

Campaign advertising involves paid media placement and is designed to inform, educate, motivate or change the behaviour of the general public.

Campaign advertising can appear within Victoria, or nationally or internationally, and requires strategic planning in the area of media and creative services to achieve set objectives.

Campaign advertising can involve:

  • market or social research
  • creative development and production
  • sponsorships/partnerships
  • advertising agencies
  • specialist services used in the development, production and dissemination of campaign materials (i.e. video production, event managers, graphic designers).

Non-campaign advertising

Non-campaign advertising comprises functional and recruitment advertising. Non-campaign advertising differs from campaign advertising in that, generally, it:

  • has a short lead time
  • involves text-based information notices
  • requires basic artwork with less creative work/input than campaign advertising
  • requires fewer media channels
  • is less costly
  • runs for shorter duration
  • requires post-appearance reports.

Functional advertising

Functional advertising is generally simple and informative, and usually for immediate or short-term appearance. Functional advertising includes:

  • expressions of interest, requests for tender, requests for quote
  • public transport timetable notices and road closures
  • announcement of changes to government services
  • availability of government funds, grants and award programs
  • details about community consultation, public hearings, investigations, seminars, workshops and other government events
  • statutory/regulatory notices: legislative changes, environmental assessment or development notices
  • urgent public health or safety announcements (e.g. non statutory notices for emergency)
  • community announcements.

Recruitment advertising

Recruitment advertising is intended to attract applications for a specific Victorian Government role or a number of roles for high-volume recruitment. Recruitment advertising generally only appears for a short time, until the advertised roles have been filled.

Note that broader, longer term advertising activity to support large-scale recruitment campaigns is generally considered to be campaign advertising, rather than recruitment advertising.

MAMS Policy and Contract Guidelines

The Victorian Government undertakes campaign and non-campaign advertising through the Master Agency Media Services (MAMS) state purchase contract.

The MAMS contract covers media planning and buying on behalf of government, and is managed by the Department of Treasury and Finance.

From 1 December 2017, MediaCom Australia will be the Victorian Government's sole MAMS provider for both campaign and non-campaign advertising.

For more information on the MAMS contract, refer to the Victorian Government Purchasing Board website.

Victorian Government Communication

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