Our Structure

The Department of Premier and Cabinet consists of a number of groups and agencies.

Governance Policy and Coordination

The Governance Policy and Coordination group is responsible for Cabinet management, public sector governance, performance and reform, community security and emergency management, the Cyber Security Unit, enterprise solutions and information technology, strategic communication, engagement and protocol, the Victorian Centre for Data Insights and the department’s corporate services. The group also has primary responsibility for supporting the Special Minister of State.

Economic Policy and State Productivity

The Economic Policy and State Productivity group is responsible for advising the Premier and the Cabinet on economic development and strategy, regional and local government outcomes, international engagement, transport infrastructure, planning, priority precincts, as well as energy, resources and environment policy. The group also supports the Veterans portfolio.

Social Policy

The Social Policy group is responsible for Aboriginal Victoria, Aboriginal affairs policy, multicultural affairs and social cohesion, education, justice, health, human services, women’s policy, equality, and intergovernmental strategy. The group is also responsible for coordinating the National Disability Insurance Scheme, contributing to the development of strategic social services reforms, and monitoring and reporting on the delivery of all 227 Royal Commission recommendations.

Office of the General Counsel

The Office of the General Counsel provides legal and policy advice to the Premier, DPC’s ministers, the DPC Secretary and the department. The Office of the General Counsel provides advice on civil and criminal law, equal opportunity and human rights issues, as well as on the Victorian integrity, accountability, transparency and electoral systems. The Office of the General Counsel develops and manages complex policy and legislative proposals and provides legal advice covering the full spectrum of legal issues, including public, administrative and international law issues, commercial transactions, litigation and Executive Government inquiries.

Department's organisation chart

The Organisational Chart highlights key and executive staff and the structure of reporting lines across the department.

Last updated on Tuesday, 31 July 2018