Gender equality: Have your say

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The Victorian Government is developing a Victorian Gender Equality Strategy.

Advancing gender equality increases women’s safety, security and wellbeing by encouraging a society based on respect and equality.

Gender equality also has tangible benefits for Victoria’s social and economic prosperity, as more women are supported to reach their potential.

Gender inequality affects women in all areas of their lives:

  • The Victorian workforce participation rate for women is 58.8%, compared to 71.4% for men
  • A national survey found that 1 in 3 women over 15 has experienced physical violence and 1 in 5 has experienced sexual violence
  • Women in full-time work earn around $15,000 less than men each year
  • Women retire with just over half the superannuation savings of men

The Victorian Government wants to hear your ideas on how we can achieve gender equality in Victoria.

A Victorian Gender Equality Strategy Consultation Paper has been developed to guide a conversation on the key challenges and opportunities that gender equality presents.

Share your experiences and ideas by:

Join the conversation on Twitter: #VICforWomen

The submission deadline has been extended to 18 March 2016.

Last updated on Friday, 12 February 2016