Request a letter from the Premier

Victorians can request a letter from the Premier to celebrate the following occasions:

  • Golden wedding anniversary - 50 years
  • Diamond wedding anniversary - 60 years
  • 65th and 70th wedding anniversaries
  • 90th birthday
  • 100th birthday
  • Birthday over 100

Congratulatory messages can be requested up to one month after the anniversary.

Applications received with less than four weeks’ notice are not guaranteed to arrive by the anniversary date.

Request a letter

We can only process applications for Victorian residents. Contact your relevant state or territory for further information.

To request a letter from the Premier, download the Congratulatory application form (Word, 76 KB) and lodge with your nominee's local Victorian Member of Parliament.

Requests will also be forwarded for consideration to the Governor-General's Office, Governor's Office and Prime Minister's Department.

Last updated on Thursday, 12 May 2016