Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006

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The Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 (the "Act") commenced operation on 28 May 2007 and provides for the protection and management of Victoria's Aboriginal heritage with processes linked to the Victorian planning system.

The key features of the Act are:

The Aboriginal Heritage Amendment Act 2016 (the Amendment Act) commenced operation on 1 August 2016 and establishes new provisions to the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.

The Act also has processes for handling dispute resolution. This includes the review of certain decisions through the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

For documents relating to the administration of the Act see Aboriginal Heritage Act – Guides and forms.

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Aboriginal Heritage Regulations

The Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 2007 give effect to the Act. The Regulations came into operation on 28 May 2007 and should be read in conjunction with the Act.

The Regulations set out the circumstances in which a Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) is required to be prepared, and the standards for the preparation of a CHMP.

The Regulations also prescribe standards and set fees and charges.


Aboriginal Heritage Planning Tool

A simple way to check whether a Cultural Heritage Management Plan is required for a proposed activity is to use the Aboriginal Heritage Planning Tool and read When is a Plan required?


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For inquiries relating to the administration of the Act, email: Aboriginal.Heritage@dpc.vic.gov.au or Tel 1800 762 003.


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