Aboriginal Cultural Heritage overview

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage in Victoria

Throughout Victoria, even in the most intensively developed regions, the landscape holds the imprint of thousands of generations of Aboriginal people. Find out more.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Training Program

Aboriginal Victoria (AV) has developed an exciting program of training for Aboriginal Victorians with a role or an interest in the State's unique and irreplaceable Aboriginal cultural heritage. Find out more.

Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006

The Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 commenced operation on 28 May 2007 and provides for the protection and management of Victoria's Aboriginal heritage with processes linked to the Victorian planning system. Find out more.

Aboriginal Heritage Amendment Act 2016

The Aboriginal Heritage Amendment Act 2016 establishes new provisions and changes to the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006. Find out more.

Heritage Advisors

Heritage Advisors play a key role in the management of Aboriginal cultural heritage in Victoria. Find out more.

Information for Landowners

Aboriginal people have lived in southern Australia, including what is now Victoria, for thousands of years. During that time, people left physical evidence of their activities which now survives as cultural heritage places and objects. Find out more.

Information for Planners and Developers

The endurance of Aboriginal society across Australia is of global significance and the cultural heritage places and objects associated with Aboriginal society are a significant part of the heritage of all Australians. Find out more.

Cultural Heritage Management Plans

Large developments and other high impact activities in culturally sensitive landscapes can cause significant harm to Aboriginal cultural heritage. Find out more.


Last updated on Thursday, 04 August 2016