Aboriginal Community Development

A-Voice-for-Indigenous-AustA Voice for Aboriginal Victorians

The Victorian Government is committed to improving the quality of life of all Aboriginal Victorians. While there are a number of elements that will help achieve this goal, partnership is a vital ingredient. By working in partnership we can:

  • strengthen the voice of Victoria's Aboriginal communities
  • improve the flow of information between Aboriginal communities and Government
  • support Aboriginal people and communities to identify and improve outcomes that are important to them
  • build the capacity of Aboriginal Victorians to achieve better outcomes, and
  • increase the links between the Aboriginal and broader Victorian communities.

The introduction of the Indigenous Community Development arrangements in Victoria is another step towards 'closing the gap'.

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Stories from Victoria's Local Indigenous Networks.

The VOICE of Victoria's Local Aboriginal Networks

Victoria's 39 Local Aboriginal Networks (LANs) provide a voice for Aboriginal Victorians. LANs are bringing Aboriginal people together to identify their aspirations and priorities and develop community plans for practical action at the local level.

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Last updated on Tuesday, 15 March 2016