Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework

The Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework

The Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework (VAAF) brings together Government and Aboriginal community commitments and efforts to create a better future for Victoria's Aboriginal population. The VAAF was released on 22 November 2012.

Significantly the VAAF recognises and values Aboriginal culture, integrates Government effort, and identifies the accountabilities of Government departments, agencies and funded service providers. This will enable more effective monitoring and evaluation of performance.

The VAAF focuses effort and resources on six Strategic Action Areas that are central to closing the gap in Aboriginal disadvantage. Through the VAAF the Government has committed to 12 headline indicators with targets.

The VAAF provides for jointed up responses across priority areas to strengthen Aboriginal self-determination.

The VAAF is available at the below links:

For more information and hard copies contact the Office of Aboriginal Affairs Victoria on (03) 9208 3272.

Victorian Government Aboriginal Affairs Report 2014/15Vic Gov Aborginal Affairs Report COVER

The Victorian Government Aboriginal Affairs Report 2014/2015 was tabled in Parliament on 9 December 2015 by the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, the Hon Natalie Hutchins MP. The Report provides updates on, and analysis of, progress against key targets and measures towards closing the gaps between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Victorians, as set out in the Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework 2013-2018. The Report also sets out Government priorities for the year ahead.

Key Aboriginal community stakeholders have been asked to reflect on Victoria's progress, and their thoughts are included in the Report.

Detailed data tables for this Report are published separately on the links below.

Read the

A collated set of data tables is also available through

Previous Aboriginal Affairs reports can be viewed on the Publications page.





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