Indigenous Family Violence

Victorian Indigenous Family Violence 10 year plan

The Victorian Government is committed to reducing family violence in partnership with the Victorian Aboriginal community.

The Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework 2013 – 2018, commits to creating a better future for Victoria's young and growing Aboriginal population by providing a platform to bring together the efforts and commitment of all sectors of the Victorian community.

Safe families and communities and equitable justice outcomes is a Strategic Action Area that aims to reduce the incidence of family violence.

Achievement of this will be guided by the Indigenous Family Violence 10 Year Plan, Strong Culture, Strong Peoples and Strong Families: Towards a safer future for Indigenous families and communities, launched on 27 June 2008 and provides for a partnership approach to address Aboriginal family violence in the short, medium and long term.

The 10 Year Plan is a living document which outlines the vision, objectives and actions which guide, inform and direct the Aboriginal community and the Victorian Government to reduce Aboriginal family violence.

The 10 Year Plan is the result of considerable collaborative effort and commitment by the Indigenous Family Violence Partnership Forum.

The eight objectives in the 10 Year Plan frame the actions which aim to prevent and eliminate family violence:

1. Cultural Safety: Make Victoria a safer place for all Aboriginal Victorians.

2. Healthy Families: Support strong, robust and healthy families that provide a safe nurturing environment.

3 .Education, Awareness, Prevention: Intervene early to improve education, awareness and prevention of family violence.

4. Safety for Victims: Increase the safety of Aboriginal families and individuals, especially women and children.

5. Accountability: Increase the accountability and personal responsibility of perpetrators of family violence within Aboriginal communities.

6. Healing: Increase opportunities for healing for victims and perpetrators.

7. Service Capability: Increase the cultural competency and capacity of the service system to improve responses to Aboriginal family violence.

8. Research and Evaluation: Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of responses to Aboriginal family violence through ongoing research and evaluation.


Victorian Indigenous Family Violence Partnership Forum

The Indigenous Family Violence Partnership Forum (the Partnership Forum) was established in April 2005 to enable the Government and Aboriginal communities to address Aboriginal family violence together. It also provides community members access to key decision makers across Government.

The Partnership Forum is a forum for ongoing, high level dialogue between Government departments and Aboriginal communities about the needs of Aboriginal communities in confronting issues of family violence.

The Partnership Forum is made up of the Chairpersons of the 11 Indigenous Family Violence Regional Action Groups, Chief Executive Officers or Chairpersons of key Aboriginal organisations and Senior representatives from Government departments.

The Partnership Forum was instrumental in the development, and oversees the implementation, of the 10 Year Plan.

For further information or to receive hard copies of the 10 Year Plan, contact the Office of Aboriginal Affairs Victoria: 1800 762 003.

Last updated on Tuesday, 10 February 2015