Aboriginal inclusion and reconciliation

Victorian Government Aboriginal Inclusion Framework

The Inclusion Framework helps ensure services are accessible and inclusive for Aboriginal Victorians and provides for increased employment opportunities.

The Victorian Government Aboriginal Inclusion Framework is an initiative of the Secretaries Leadership Group on Aboriginal Affairs. It was developed after extensive consultation with Aboriginal communities.

Acknowledgment and respect of Aboriginal culture, values and practices is at the heart of successful engagement with Aboriginal people.

The Framework outlines the objective to provide all Victorian Government policy makers, program managers and service providers with a structure for reviewing their practice and reforming the way they engage with and address the needs of Aboriginal people in Victoria. This is fundamental to supporting the Government's work to deliver better outcomes for Aboriginal Victorians.

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Aboriginal inclusion action plans

All Victorian Government departments are committed to developing and implementing Aboriginal inclusion action plans, informed by the Aboriginal Inclusion Framework.

Departmental Aboriginal inclusion action plans generally provide for:

  • Strengthening recognition and reconciliation of Aboriginal people
  • Improving the accessibility of services
  • Improving employment opportunities for Aboriginal people
  • Providing opportunities for Aboriginal people, Ministers and departments to form relationships and actively engage with one another.


Last updated on Tuesday, 08 September 2015