Our Agencies

Office of the Governor

The Governor represents the Queen as Victoria's head of state, exercising the powers and functions of head of state and fulfilling the constitutional responsibilities of the Office of the Governor.

The Office of the Governor advises on legal and policy issues and facilitates the Governor's constitutional and ceremonial duties, community engagements and visits throughout Victoria and overseas.

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Office of the Chief Parliamentary Counsel

The office turns policy into legislation and advises the government on its legislative program.

The Office of the Chief Parliamentary Counsel are engaged in the complex process of rewriting and modernising legislation to make it clearer and accessible.

They are also the Government Printer for Victoria.

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Victorian Ombudsman

The Ombudsman's core role is to investigate complaints received from citizens about the administrative actions of state government departments, local councils, most statutory authorities and some private bodies who assist agencies in performing their statutory duties.

The Ombudsman can also conduct investigation to examine systemic failures and maladministration in the public sector.

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Victorian Public Sector Commission

The authority works to improve the performance of the Victorian public sector to provide services more effectively and efficiently.

We perform a number of functions designed to foster an integrated and responsive public sector that is ethical, accountable and professional.

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Victorian Multicultural Commission

The commission fosters harmony and encourages the full participation of Victoria's culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse communities in all aspects of life in Victoria.

We are the main link between communities and the government.

Our functions include supporting and empowering communities, promoting unity and understanding and celebrating Victoria's diversity.

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Last updated on Monday, 23 June 2014