DPC Regional

In July 2011, the Department of Premier and Cabinet opened regional offices in Ballarat and Bendigo.

The offices will enable DPC to work more closely with local government, communities and businesses in regional Victoria to help address local issues and improve understanding of regional matters.

DPC is also able to work more closely with other departments and agencies in the regions to help enhance collaboration and coordination across government.

Through these actions, the regional offices will strengthen channels between the government and regional Victorians and facilitates DPC providing advice on regional matters to shape government projects and programs.

For further information about DPC Regional, please contact the offices at:


Address Level 1, 56-60 King Street, Bendigo
Phone: (03) 4433 8070
Email: bendigo@dpc.vic.gov.au


Address 35 Armstrong Street South, Ballarat
Phone:  (03) 5333 6444

DPC Innovation

21st Century Public Servant

DPC in conjunction with the Melbourne School of Government is undertaking a joint project to identify the roles, skills and characteristics of the 21st century public servant.

Governments in all jurisdictions are facing far-reaching changes and these changes are reshaping the role of the public service. They also have implications for the skills and career trajectories of public servants.

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Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship

The Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship brings to DPC a number of functions formerly located within the Victorian Multicultural Commission.

The office drives multicultural policy and program implementation, focusing on settlement of newly arrived migrants.

It manages a range of programs and services such as:

  • language services
  • enhancing cultural precincts
  • community grants program
  • promoting harmony and multi-faith initiatives
  • settlement coordination.

To find out more, visit the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship

Victorian Families Statement

The Victorian Government is working to engage families in ongoing discussions about the important role we have to play in the health, wellbeing and prosperity of Victorian families.

The 2012-13 Budget Paper underscores the Victorian Government's commitment to improving the lives of Victorian families through:

  • promoting a productive economy that generates jobs and investments;

  • investing in health and education and supporting vulnerable Victorians; and

  • improving public safety for families through strong and effective approaches to crime prevention and policing.

The Government is listening to Victorian families. By focusing on better quality and more responsive services and new infrastructure, this budget supports Victorian families to reach their potential.

View the 2012 Victorian Families Statement